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Thank you for your interest in engaging with our students.

The Faculty of Science is committed to providing its students with the opportunity to gain valuable industry experience.

To enable us to advertise your opportunity we need to collect information about your proposed placement.

Upon selecting a candidate, we will ask you to agree to the terms of our program including the signing of our standard placement agreement and complying with occupational health and safety requirements.

For further information on our program, please see our Faculty of Science Industry Engagement page:

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This will become your position advertisement. Describe your organisation, the team that the position is within, tasks and responsibilities associated with the role and the ideal qualities of the candidate you are looking to attract. Please consider other special requirements such as key professional skills, specific educational requirements, particular technical skills, requirement to work outside of normal business hours and licenses (driver's license, etc).

Select when you would like the intern to undertake the position. This should align with a University of Melbourne semester intake.

(If you have selected Summer, please choose the year in which the internship will end (e.g. for an internship beginning in November 2021 and ending in February 2022, please enter '2022')).

Students must complete at least 80-100 hours in total while on placement. The timing of these hours is flexible and can be negotiated directly with the student. International students generally cannot complete more than 20 hours per week maximum.

Targeted Students

Please note that a workplace supervisor must be available to the students whilst they are working remotely (email, skype, phone or zoom for example)

Application Procedure

Please provide clear instructions for how students should apply for this position, including an email address or weblink to which they should submit their application. Students will be asked to provide the following documents:

  1. A resume
  2. A cover letter addressing their suitability for the position
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